Vad folk tycker om oss - Sidan 3

  • Werner Weber - Regional Manager Europe North/ IKEA
    March 2006

    To whom it may concern
    Moving to another country, as we did some months ago, creates at the beginning a lot of uncertainty and things you have to learn. Marijke´s professional support has been a real great help for us going through this phase. It is not just her professionalism, Marijke shows a great empathy and a real understanding for all the concerns and problems which you are facing when moving to a new country.
  • Hans Vissers - Manager Customer Analytical Services, Hercules AB - Helsingborg
    March 2006

    As one of the persons being asked to relocate for Hercules to Helsingborg (from The Netherlands) the company brought me into contact with Marijke already in a very early stage. Being able to ask her all kinds of questions related to a relocation and getting fast replies made the decision for me easier. From the start Marijke made it seem easy to relocate and made me feel very welcome. The fact that she is also originally from The Netherlands, so knowing exactly what the difference between the countries are, based on her own experiences, helped a lot. One of the important items to deal with in a relocation process is to find a suitable place to live, at exactly the right moment. But thanks to Marijke's personal relations within the Helsingborg community she was able to find a great place, not only for me, but also for my two colleagues, at exactly the right moment. Finding three great apartments at the same (right) time is not easy. Definitely something that would have been very difficult (if not impossible) otherwise. Once that was arranged Marijke was a great help to guide me through the Swedish administrative items, e.g. getting registered, getting a bank account, getting a phone connection etc. All important items, needed "to survive" in an new country, that can take up a lot of time if you do not know where to go or who to talk to. But she made it very easy. So that was very welcome, specially at the time that the work, the actual reason to move to Sweden, demanded a lot of time. All in all, her professional but also her personal approach, was very much appreciated and definitely highly recommended for anyone relocating to Helsingborg / Sweden. Thanks again,
  • Cyril Avellar - Project Manager, Helpdesk - IKEA IT AB
    January 2006

    Hej Marijke,
    "Coming from France and without speaking the local language, you might have some cultural shocks with swedish administration. Without having the keys, it could be tricky to open the doors, or even to knock at the right door. Also, once starting a new job, isn't easy to organize an agenda with all the different administrations and offices. Through the reloaction service I got to support to help me on all the different steps to get my permit, id, car registration and banking. In couple of weeks, main of the steps were issued and I could focus very quickly on my job and assignement. Marijke has showned interest for personal request, has provided reactiveness and feedback, and been very adaptive to different unexpected situations that poped up. Situations that I could not have solved by my own. So thank you for the support and service!
    Cyril Avellar" thank you, cheers, Cyril .
  • Christina Imméll - Human Resources Manager, Hercules Nordic Countries & Manager Management Development, Hercules Europe
    January 2006

    In the context of the transfer of major European Lab activities from Hercules in the Netherlands to Hercules in Helsingborg, we were lucky to get in contact with Marijke van Savooyen at Relocation Services. The success of the whole transfer was, to a large extent, relying on the willingness of three key people to relocate from the Netherlands to Helsingborg. I am confident that the professional & personal involvement and support of Marijke played an important role in these three peoples decision to actually relocate to Helsingborg. All practical arrangements including the important house hunting have exceeded my expectations and went very smooth. We have all appreciated the simplicity and hands-on professional mentality that characterises Marijke as well as her warm and friendly attitude. .
  • De Villiers family
    January 2004

    ITo whom it may concern
    We are a family of four from South Africa. My husbands company relocated him to Sweden for 2 years.To us the swedish language was a nightmare as we can only speak Afrikaans and English as second language. With Marijkes help we found a nice family home! She gave us lots of information and practical help with getting all our paper work done. Helped to settle the kids in school and organised for me to take Swedish classes. We came in March/April this year and is fully settled already. We can definetely recommend Marijke's services.
    Thanks again Marijke! Regards De Villiers family .
  • J. Magnus Kamryd Country & Retail Director Unilever Foods Sweden AB
    August 2004

    The Kamryd family re-located to Helsingborg in August 2004.
    My family was nervous about our new experiences in a foreign region. For us a key part when moving to a new region is finding a nice area to live in and a nice new house for us. To ensure that we had the right support, local knowledge and of course the network in achieving this we choose to work with Marijke in assisting us in this process. Marijke has done so in a enthusiastic and professional way and has gone the extra mile to make things happened and to respond to our needs and wants. Two important things for us are that Marijke, first of all understood what we where looking for in terms of quality, location and neighbours and secondly that Marijke always was available and dealt promptly with any problems or questions we had along the way. And for us a key thing is to deliver and score high in these two areas, when recommending a support and service function like this to other people or other companies. Hence we can highly recommend Marijke for this kind of service or other similar ones to any family re-locating to Helsingborg / Sweden.