Vad folk tycker om oss - Sidan 2

  • Sheri Willoughby - World Wildlife Fund Global Project Leader, Business & Industry
    April 2011

    Hi Marijke
    Having a comfortable place to live made a huge positive impact on my whole experience, and I really did appreciate it. I also greatly appreciated Marijke's efforts to help me get into my apartment and settled when I arrived and for providing me information about the area. The value of this service to me was immense!
    Tack så mycket! All the best! .
  • Benedetto Conversano Enterprise Information Architect IKEA IT AB
    April 2011

    Our family had 3 international moves in the last 10 years, and the one to Sweden is no doubt the best, thanks to the service provided by "Relocation Services". The move was totally flawless, and we felt all the time taken care of, during, before and after the transfer from Italy to Sweden. Marijke and her staff are proactive, reliabile, timely and very expert and competent people. We always felt very safe that either to solve a problem, or to prevent it to happen, or to learn our new way of life in Helsingborg, we could count upon "Relication Services". We fully recommend Marijke if you plan to move Helsingborg.
  • Axel, Dagmar, David, Benjamin and Julius Voss
    November 2008

    Hej Marijke!
    After some months in Sweden we would again like to thank you for your excellent professional support we received during our time of settlement. You very quickly understood our personal needs and offered us a range of suitable solutions in terms of housing, school, social network etc. to choose from. We enjoyed your heartiness, reliability, flexibility all based on your very strong customer focus. Your extremely good network was always helpful - especially in emergency situations like a broken pipe on a Sunday morning during summer holiday (!) in Sweden. Your good knowledge of human nature and empathy built up strong trust between you and our whole family. All this very much helped to liberate personal resources to promptly get into the new job here in Sweden. Thus, we think you perfectly satisfy the needs of both, the employer and the employee. For the future we wish you personally all the best. Keep your general attitudes of friendliness and customer focus, which are perfect pre-requisites to make your customers feel welcome in Sweden.
  • Michael Ober and family - Project Engineer Swedwood International
    September 2007

    Hej Marijke,
    Looking back after a few month on our relocation from Germany to Sweden we see, that we have settled very fast and feel very well in our new home. One of the major reasons for this we see in the work of Marijke. Her support before moving with searching the right home, applying for daycare, etc. created a comfortable environment and made that everything was in place at arrival. After arrival all necessary applications were done very fast and even when problems appeared, in our case the telephone, we got immediate support and things were handled. As a summary we appreciated having the feeling personally being in the focus and with Marijkes friendly and professional way we have felt good all the way. Things were not settled until we were satisfied and felt good with it. Thanks again Marijke. All the best
  • Family Petricca Skanska Vinci
    May 2007

    We came in april 2005 its Marijke to look for my home and help my for filling all documemt for the registration in sweden , for the international school for each probleme marijke she help me , now its 2 year we leave in sweden and when I don't understand some document marijke its available. Marijke its realy good professional and for my family is my friend.
    Tank you so much Marijke
  • Olaf Malmus Nordic Finance Manager Unilever Foodsolutions Helsingborg
    June 2006

    Dear Marijke, being relocated to an unkown country even if it is within Europe has raised many questions during our first period here in Sweden. It starts with to find housing, daycare, meet all the bureaucratic requirements to settle and ends last but not least with all the trivial questions about where to find what in every days life. In all terms you have been an enormous help for us. We found a very nice house very quickly and also due to your support we even managed to complete all the hundreds of forms being needed to live in Sweden. It became very obvious that you are not only aware of all the formal requirements of a relocation but furthermore have a great network helping us a lot with our daily questions in the new surrounding. All your part has been done absolutely professional but beyond that you also managed to do this by always showing a lot of empathy and patience no matter what our questions were about. This has been a great welcome for us in Sweden. Hence thank you very much for all your support which helped us - at least as I believe in - with the most important part of a relocation: keep the family's life as normal as possible within the initial chaos of a move! I hope we will keep in contact even when our amount of questions will continuously decrease!