Vad folk tycker om oss

  • Felicity
    Helsingborg November 2019

    Immediately after receiving news that I will be moving to Sweden, I contacted Marijke as she is highly recommended by many people. Our communication months before my actual arrival in Sweden has been very consistent, prompt, and positive. She took into consideration all of my requests and needs especially since I am making the move independently and it would be my first time in Sweden. As soon as I arrived from California, we met and my experience of her services has exceeded my expectations. Marijke is incredibly knowledgeable of the city and its people. She is very well-respected in the community and has a cornucopia of relevant experiences that make her the perfect person for this job. We've established rapport in such a short amount of time and she always made sure that I was comfortable in every decision that I was making pertaining to my move. She has helped me find a wonderful apartment less than a week upon my arrival in Helsingborg that suits my needs and lifestyle coming from America. I am also very grateful to her for understanding my financial situation, as everything in Sweden is a process and could potentially be time-consuming. I highly recommend Marijke and her relocation service for anyone moving to Sweden, especially if your situation is similar to mine. Thank you, Marijke!
  • Islam Agha - Global Supplier Development Manager at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems
    Helsingborg March 2019

    It was a fantastic experience dealing with Marijke when moving to Sweden, Marijke and her team was the main source of support for me and for my family settling in Helsingborg in terms of accommodation, culture introduction and valuable info about the life in Sweden. Very professional, honest, sincere person and her team is wonderful I would recommend those who are willing to relocate to Helsingborg or in Sweden to get in contact with her as I'm sure she and her team will do their most of satisfying your needs . @ Marijke, thanks a lot for your effort with me and my family, I know that we have been demanding :) but your wonderful personality and dedication made it very easy for us ... Keep the good work up!
  • Radek Cerman - Automation Engineer, John Bean Technologies AB
    Helsingborg 16 June 2015

    Hi Marijke,
    We would like to thank Marijke for outstanding support and professional services during our relocation to Sweden. Now we are here and almost everything is settled. We have to say it would have been impossible to manage everything without any help. And Marijke helps with understanding and friendly approach. In the first time we were not able to orientate in social system or understand all of these forms in Swedish language. We did not know our duties, how to register, how to find suitable apartment for us, how to find kindergarten for our small daughter … and so on… Marijke helped us with everything we needed. We would like to highly recommend her relocation services.
  • Marina Dubakina - Assistant to IKEA Global Retail and Expansion Manager IKEA Retail Services AB
    October 2014

    I would like to say big thanks to Marijke who has been the support for our family during the relocation process to Sweden. Throughout our contact I have experienced and enjoyed utmost care and friendliness from Marijke’s side. Surely, we have also got very professional help and advice.
    But the attitude and the feeling that Marijke truly cares was ( and still is!) making a difference for us. I always got timely response, and no questions, big or small, were left unattended. I feel that I have a colleague and a partner on my side who can support and advice when needed, nearly on all matters. That gave me an additional feeling of security which is so important when you move!
  • Family Anna & Maarten Res/ Kloosterboer Sweden AB
    August 2014

    When we were planning to move to Sweden my first thought was: "I can do this without any help" I was so wrong!! We really were counting on Marijkes and Iwonas help. looking for houses, finding a school for our daughters, getting a personal number, finding a doctor, etc etc. But most important was that I felt really welcome. They literally introduced us to Sweden, for example to bring me to the Drop-off coffee with other international moms.
    It was a busy and sometimes emotional time for us, but because of the help from Relocation Services we could concentrate on the important (little) stuff: making the bedroom like home for our daughters and finding a nice place to drink coffee!!
    Tack sa mycket!
  • Bo Berglund - Human Resources Director, Northern Europe MC/EF, Albany International AB
    June 2014

    Dear Marijke and Iwona,
    I would like to thank you for a sterling service that you have provided for us as a company and for the expatriated employee and his family.I am especially fond of your “full coverage” approach that is not very common in your line of business, and I know what I am talking about.
    You are not only handle the from time to time complicated and time consuming contacts with the Swedish authorities, you also help out with area tours, bank contacts, schooling activities, leisure possibilities and introduction in the Swedish society for the expatriated person and his/her family.
    Everything so far have been to our full desire and we are much obliged for your support and prompt and timely actions. I want to label everything you have done as “Above and Beyond”.
    I can easily recommend your services to any enterprise that are in the process of commence and expatriation activity.
  • Franklin Post - IKEA Customer Distribution Manager Central Europe & Deputy Distribution Service Manager Central Europe
    December 2013

    Early this year a great opportunity came up which required a move, with the family, to Helsingborg in Sweden. Full of energy we started the journey, after 6 years of commuting between the Netherlands, my home country, Belgium and Germany I had the opportunity to have a challenging job as well as being together with the family.
    I had been a Transferred employee before and I knew that there is a lot to be arranged to move from one country to the other. Luckily IKEA is offering support for its co-workers from Relocation Service Sweden AB in order to settle in.
    We got an agent assigned, Iwona, and she supported us with this journey. First we needed to organise a bank account, then we needed to look around to find out where we would like to live with the family. We found a nice house and got support with organising the lease and we got registered for a pre-school for our baby boy. Iwona supported use with the formalities needed for a relocation to Sweden. This has all been done with a very social, customer friendly and personal approach.
    Today we are almost a halve year in Helsingborg, living in a nice house and starting to build up a social life. Thanks a lot for that.
  • Bassam Sabry
    October 2013

    Dear Marijke, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "This is a recommendation and endorsement for the great services I got from the Relocation Services as I relocated to Sweden with my family in November 2012. Marijke and Iwona were with the family step by step making sure that each small detail is taken care of. Starting by helping us choosing an adequate house, registering with the Swedish authorities, opening bank accounts, checking where we can have our hobbies practices, ..etc. They did not miss on anything. The relocation services is very personal and very tailored to the needs of each family. I would personally strongly recommend their services to anyone relocating to Sweden."
  • Oliva Ross - Communication Manager IKEA Services AB
    February 2012

    Having spent very little time in Sweden and no time at all in Southern Sweden, the prospect of dealing with all the necessary official paperwork and finding an apartment in Malmö could have been quite overwhelming had it not been for the support from Relocation Service. Iwona and Marijke were there every step of the way and I cannot thank them enough.
  • Carsten von der Geest - General Manager Terex Cranes
    November 2011

    Marijke and her team helped us successfully relocating from Dubai to Sweden. Our biggest problem was finding a rental house. Due to Marijke's network, we were able to even choose from several houses and found a lovely place for our family. With 2 small children on hand, it was important for us that everything runs smoothly and that the bureaucracy for us would be reduced to the mininum. Marijke did all the necessary paperwork and in the end, my wife and children had only to go to an office once. Marijke's Relocation Service organized all the necessities for our daily lives smoothly and whenever there is a problem, she helps us. Even now that we have been living here for 3 months, we can still contact her anytime when we have problems such as understanding invoices or need to apply for a drivers license.... Marijke and her team made and make us feel safe and taken care for in a foreign country. It made the settling in process fairly easy for our family.